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HUAWEI E589 4G LTE Pocket WiFi Hotspot User Tips

As the new 4G LTE mobile Pocket WiFi Hotspot with new technology, some users may be unfamiliar with the operation of HUAWEI E589. Here are a number of useful tips to guide you operate your Huawei E589 4G LTE Router. They are useful to enjoy 4G speed.

When you enter your WiFi etc, if you want to change the security code and password, you need to do this in the section settings of the online management page. To access the management page, you will need to connect your computer to the device, and enter the URL in your web browser. The user name and password are both defaulted as “admin”.

Huawei E589 4G Mobile Pocket WiFi – Build your Portable 4G WiFi network

It is easy to mount your Huawei E589 – Follow these simple steps:

- Insert the SIM card into the card slot

- Second make sure that the SIM card in the correct direction

- Third plug the SIM card into the slot

Please do not use a SIM card, which is not standard or not apt for your Huawei E589 4G mobile WiFi, otherwise  it may cause E589 damaged.

- Insert the microSD card in your Huawei E589

- The microSD card is an optional accessory. You can choose to buy a memory upgrade.

- Removing the SIM or microSD card

- Gently press into the card, the microSD or SIM card out to remove

- Second do not remove the microSD or SIM card when the card is in use if the map and your Huawei E589 could be damaged and corrupted data

Huawei E589 4G LTE Router – firmware overview

On the mobile management page, you can manage your connection to the wireless network anytime from PC, tablets, smartphones or other computing devices.

There are five areas of the landing page:


This is the home screen and is displayed when you first to the target page. The home screen shows your signal strength of connection and fast statistics as data usage and time.


If you have a limited amount of data available each month, you can manage your data allowance by accessing the target page and click Statistics in the menu above. This will show you exactly how much data you are using during the session and overall.


To send and receive text messages, simply click SMS. This will take you to the Messaging Inbox, allowing you to manage your SMS messages.


The update screen is from the landing page. Simply click on updates and software to complete an automatic search for available updates.


The settings page, you can create a new connection using the Setup Wizard, if you cannot connect to the Internet. You can also switch between 2G, 4G or 3G/3G + switch; does a web search or setting advanced features of the router.

Based on mature firmware development of HUAWEI E5, the operation of HUAWEI E589 is user-oriented and easier to operate. Actually, from HUAWEI E5830 to HUAWEI E589, E589 could now automatically detect the networks of LTE, UMTS, GSM, GRPS and EDGE, and auto connects to the network without configuration. The users only need to set the WiFi password to protect the wireless network. Even users don’t set it, on the screen, the owner could check the WiFi connectors on the screen, if there is unknown user to share the network, the user could easily find it and kick it off.

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