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ZTE MF880 4G LTE FDD TDD Modem Review

ZTE had release many 4G modems, such as ZTE MF820, MF820D, MF821, MF821D , MF820T, MF820s2 and MF880 etc. And many 4G mobile WiFi are available now on the market. Today, we get the ZTE MF880 4G Modem and we will show the details for readers. Hope you will know more about this modem ZTE MF880 .


Logo and USB Interface  


The ZTE MF880 is with "3" logo, which means it is customized by the UK operator "3".  




Like ZTE MF820, ZTE MF880 also has a rotatable USB interface; the USB could be hidden in the body of the modem. And beside the logo, there is a small indicator in oval shape, which will help users to know more about the connection status.  






On the back, the MF880 model is printed on this modem. With the model number, there is this number, RoHS mark and below is the IMEI number of this modem, which is on behalf of the modem's ID. The IMEI number is printed on the back cover, unlike ZTE MF820 , whose IMEI number is on an extra stick. And it also show the original produce place "Made in China". ZTE also print with this mark.




Inner Part  


ZTE MF880 is a new ZTE MF880. But you can take effort to open. At this point, the modem is not user-friendly. The cover is very tight. After opened the modem, you can find the SIM card at the side of the body. But there is no slot for memory card. And it's an external antenna connector. In 4G LTE technology, the MIMO is one of the most important features for high speed data transmission.  




Network bands  


Selon the official files from ZTE, the ZTE MF880 4G LTE Modem Could Support 4G LTE TDD and FDD bands as follows:  


* LTE FDD DD800 / 2600 MHz

* LTE TDD 2300 / 2600MHz

* 3G UMTS 900 / 2100MHz  



So ZTE MF880 unlocked band 20, band 7, band 40 or band 38. ZTE MF880 should be one of the LTE modems that could support TDD and FDD simultaneously. If you want to buy ZTE MF880, welcome to land .  

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