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What’s the difference between ZTE MF880 and ZTE MF820S2?

As one of the 4G LTE modems from ZTE, the TDD modem ZTE MF820s2 may not be well known because it's born for China Mobile 4G LTE networks. ZTE MF820s2 looks very similar to ZTE MF820, they are using the same appearance module, but inner parts are completely different. ZTE MF820 is for FDD network while MF820s2 works for TDD & FDD.    


There is another 4G TD-LTE modem ZTE MF880, which is also FDD compatible. Today, we will have a look at what's the difference between ZTE MF820s2 and MF880.    


Frequency Bands    


Frequency band should be the key difference between similar 4G modems, even though some modems looks almost the same. The frequency band decides where could work or not, and which operators they could support. ZTE MF820s2 supports FDD 2600MHZ and TDD 1900/2300/2600MHz. The band 1900MHz is a special band that very operator has chose as their 4G network spectrum. So many other 4G modems could replace ZTE MF820s2 if the band 1900MHz is not a must frequency. ZTE MF880 could also support TDD 2300/2600 MHz, but it cannot work with band 1900MHz. As a TDD and FDD surfstick, ZTE MF880 also supports FDD800/2600MHz. So when users don't require modem to support 1900Mhz, ZTE MF880 could fully replace MF820s2.    


4G LTE Speed    


As standard 4G USB modems, ZTE MF880 and MF820s2 both supports the TDD and FDD network. However, under the two technologies, the data transmission rates are different. When working on FDD network, the peak download speed could reach 100Mbps while upload speed up to 50Mbps. But if on TDD networks, maximum download speed could reach 68Mbps and upload speed could reach 17Mbps. By the way, the speeds are only theoretical speeds. In real practice, the network can't be perfect as we wish; the link speeds may vary time to time.      


External Antenna and MicroSD card  


It's a pity that both ZTE MF880 and MF820s2 both don's have connector for external antenna. And we didn't find any place to plug the MicroSD card. So they couldn't use as flash memory card.      


USB Design   ZTE MF880 and MF820 are both under design of 2D USB design. The USB is rotatable for 270 degrees. This design will help users to use more space when plug to PC.    


We can't make conclusion that which is better. They are in same brand and could meet different requirements from users or operators. So it would be better to know more about the difference between similar models. If you want to check more 4G LTE modems, welcome to land  


Vodafone 3G 4G Mobile WiFi – R201, R205, R210

Many customers know there are various USB Surf sticks available for Vodafone 3G or 4G networks, but few know the mobile WiFi hotspot for Vodafone. Today, we will have a review of Vodafone Pocket WiFi for 3G & 4G networks.    


The early model of Vodafone mobile WiFi is Vodafone R201. It's the first generation for Vodafone and also the first generation of Huawei mobile WiFi. This model is produced by Huawei, follow R201, Huawei presents many new versions to publicly and gained gear success. Vodafone R201 supports HSDPA 7.2Mbps, it could transfer SIM signal to WiFi signal and up to 5 users could access internet via R201. At that time, the download speed 7.2Mbps is good enough for most activities, but with the network development and many applications for data transmission, this speed can't meet the requirement for surfing. Then newer version comes out.  



Vodafone R205 is the newer model supporting HSPA+ technology. The HSPA+ apply the MIMO technology for data transfer. So it would obviously improve the link speed. Vodafone R205 could support peak link speed up to 21Mbps and 5.76Mbps. It comes from the factory model Huawei E586 mobile WiFi. Similar to R201, it would support 5 users to share the WiFi network. As we can see, the improvement of the new generation mobile WiFi is on the supporting speed.  




However, People demand for speed is not limited to 21 Mbps. Higher connection speed are required in many areas. Then 4G technology is decoupled and the mobile terminals are following. Vodafone is always leading the industry trend.    


Here now Vodafone R210 4G LTE mobile WiFi is available. Under good 4G LTE network, the R210 supports up to 100Mbps. It's really amazing, if you download a movie in big size, it would take for only few seconds. And this speed makes it true to play many online games.




With more power capacity, Vodafone R210 could work for longer time than its predecessors. What's more, more users (up to 10 WiFi enabled devices) could get connected with the mobile WiFi and surf. The pocket WiFi could only work on 4G LTE network, but also back ward 3G UMTS/WCDMA & 2G GSM/GPRS/ EDGE. Where 4G network is not available, Vodafone R210 would auto choose the alternative good network available to keep user connected with network. With higher specification, there is no doubt that the price of Vodafone R210 is a little bit higher than the previous R201 and R205.    



Considering the performance of the three mobile WiFi for Vodafone and budget, you can choose the right model to keep connected with the best networks.  


HUAWEI AF23 4G LTE Sharing Router Review

After long time waiting, finally we get the Huawei AF23 LTE sharing dock today. Many clusters are eagerly looking forward to getting the New LTE sharing dock. Let's have a review for this AF23 LTE Sharing router.




Like other Huawei 4G modems, Huawei AF23 is in original new box. There is plastic cover to see the AF23 directly from outside of the box. It's in white color and looks very mini size. And at first glance at it, we are attracted by the USB slot on the face of AF23.




Open the package box, we can see the AF23 and one USB cable. Below the USB cable, it's the power adapter. When we touch the Huawei AF23, we found it's smaller than its predecessor Huawei D100. There are 5 indicators on the top face, besides the indicators, USB slot is there. Users could plug 3G or 4G modems here to change the 3G modem work like a 4G Wireless router.




At one side of Huawei AF23, there is an Ethernet port for connecting the network cable. So it could also change WLAN to WiFi. Jusst like the already available 4G LTE CPE Huawei B593u-12, HUAWEI AF23 supports maximum 32 users to access network.  




On the back of Huawei AF23, there is a stick indicating the information about model number AF23, Power adapter information, FCC ID, SSID, Wi-Ki Key and IP address. And we can see the S/N and MAC number. There is logo of CE and RoHS, WiFi certified. At the side of the stick, there is the reset hole.




On the package box of HUAWEI AF23, it explains that HUAWEI AF23 LTE/3G Sharing Router:  

* Support LTE USB dongles

* Support 3G USB dongles

* Wireless 2 x 2 design

* Up to 300Mbps transmission

* Up to 32 wireless connections  


We had tested it with the HUAWEI E398 4G LTE USB Modem, and we will presents a report for HUAWEI E398 with the HUAWEI AF23 LTE Sharing Router.