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How to Configure and Setup HUAWEI B890 LTE Wireless Gateway

HUAWEI 4G LTE Gateways are new for most of the users, but most of them are user-friendly and users don’t need many steps to configure. In most cases, the devices would automatically setup and connects to networks. Some users may want to set some parameters per their preference. Below is the user guide for your reference.   How to configure your terminal Intelligent 4G LTE Gateway Huawei B890    A.Insert your SIM card To take advantage of 4G LTE speeds on your providers’ network, you must use a 4G SIM card.

  1. Plug the power cable
  2. Insert the SIM card to the SIM card slot.
  3. Click the power button
  4. The device will turn itself.

  B.After Connect to your computer to HUAWEI B890 4G LTE Smart Hub, you can login to HUAWEI B890 through wireless connection The Intelligent Terminal Huawei B890 LTE Gateway can connect up to 32 wireless devices.

  1. Locate the sticky under your HUAWEI B890.
  2. Locate the SSID and WIFI Key line on the sticker.
  3. Use the information found on the sticker to connect your wireless devices.

  C.Connect to Smart Hub for the first time and change the password Once the Intelligent Terminal 4G LTE Huawei B890 is connected to your computer, log in and change the default password. The Smart Hub require change password the first time you connect.

  1. From your computer, open your Web browser.
  2. Type http://huawei.smarthub in the address bar.
  3. Box Username default should be “admin”.
  4. Type the password for the Admin account.  (NOTE: The default password is admin.)
  5. Press Enter or click Ok.
  6. Window Change the password of the connection opening appears.
  7. Enter the current password.
  8. Enter a new password.
  9. Confirm the password.
  10. Click Apply.

  D. Configure your HUAWEI B890 LTE Wireless GatewayUse the setup wizard to help you configure the Intelligent Terminal HUAWEI B890 4G Router.

  1. From your computer, open your Web browser .
  2. Type http://huawei.smarthub in the address bar.
  3. Box Username default should be admin.
  4. Type the password for the Admin account.
  5. Press Enter or click Ok.
  6. Click on Settings
  7. In the left column, click Quick Setup.
  8. If necessary, adjust the time zone on the page Welcome to the Quick Start Wizard. (NOTE: It is recommended to keep other default settings)
  9. Click Next
  10. The screen Configure the profile appears. (Make sure you type the right APN for your SIM card provider. NOTE: Keep the other default settings.)
  11. Click Next. .
  12. The screen Configure the WLAN setting appears. You can change the box SSID name, and enter the name you want to identify your network. It is recommended to keep SSID Broadcast to Enable.
  13. Click Next
  14. The screen Configure the WLAN setting appears. Select the type of authentication. (NOTE: It is recommended to use WPA2-PSK). Select the encryption method. (NOTE: It is recommended to use TKIP + AES.) Enter your WPA pre-shared key.
  15. Click Next
  16. Check your settings and click Finish to confirm.

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