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Five Factors to Consider Before Buying a Huawei LTE WiFi Router

Huawei had provided several LTE WiFi Routers to the network carriers worldwide, and they are very popular in the consumers based on the good performance and good price. However, there are so many models of Huawei LTE Routers, how to select and buy a suitable Huawei LTE Router, many consumers feel confused. As the professional supplier of Huawei wireless routers, we think there are five factors to consider before buying a Huawei LTE WiFi Router.


Budget Price

Firstly, you must have a budget for buying a huawei LTE Router. Currently, the Huawei LTE routers price range is between 100.00USD to 400.00USD. There are many LTE router models with support of different LTE categories, such as LTE Cat.3, Cat.4, Cat.6 or even Cat.11. They support different LTE download & upload speed. The higher speed supported, the higher of the router price. So you’d better select a Huawei wireless router based on your budget price.



Location to use

Secondly, the location (where you'll use the router) is also important. If you use the Huawei LTE Router at home or workplace, in a car, bus, boat, farm, train or basement, they have different requirements for the Huawei router. This can decide you would like a huawei indoor router or outdoors router. If you place the Huawei router during a tiny workplace and reception for the tiny house, an enclosed router would be enough, however if you place the Huawei router during a massive farm or basement, an outdoor LTE router may be suitable. Or course, the indoor router might also be enough IN a basement as long as a high-gain 4G outdoor antenna is connected with the huawei router. In this casethe , the connectors for outdoor antenna may be necessary when you select the Huawei router.



Network Compatibility

Thirdly, as a Huawei router with SIM card slot, you must make sure the Huawei router is compatible with your network provider’s SIM card. You must know which frequency bands of your network provider’s LTE networks. And then check whether the selected Huawei LTE WiFi router would support the network provider’s LTE frequency bands. For example, the Huawei B618s-22d Router supports LTE Band 1/3/7/8/20/38. There will be no problem if using the Huawei B525s-23a router with Orange or Vodafone in Europe, the but if you use it in USA with AT&T or T-mobile, it would not work well because it doesn’t support LTE band 2/4/5/17 for AT&T and band 2/4/12 for T-mobile. Then you would select another Huawei Router B890-66 to work with AT&T and T-mobile. In summary, you must make sure the selected Huawei 4G Router would support at least one of the LTE frequency bands deployed by your network provider and even exactly the supported frequency bands are deployed at your location. For example, you want to buy a Huawei LTE router for your network provider on band 28, then Huawei E5186 LTE router seems good. But Huawei E5186 has two variant models: E5186s-22a and E5186s-61a. After checking they supported LTE frequency bands, then the Huawei E5186s-61a is the right one because it supports LTE band 28 (700MHz).



Interfaces Requirements

Finally, you must make sure the Huawei router would meet all your devices requirements, i.e how many devices would connect to the Huawei 4G Router via WiFi and how many would connect via Ethernet port. Usually, Huawei LTE WiFi router would have 2 or 4 Ethernet ports. If your target router can’t meet your requirements, you may buy more routers to fulfill or use other methods to let the device to connect via WiFi. Most of the Huawei LTE Router would support maximum up to 32 users and the latest Huawei B618 LTE router supports up to 62 users, which are enough for most cases. If your devices need many Ethernet port, you can use switches to solve this problem.


It’s necessary for you consider the 5 factors before buying a suitable Huawei LTE router. These factors are common requirements, but if you have other requirements for the Huawei wireless router, such as VoLTE, VoIP, DDNS, VPN or other functions, you need check the detail specs of the Huawei LTE Routers and then decide which one to choose.

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