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Telekom LTE Speedport B390S-2 4G Router

HUAWEI B392s-2 4G router is customized to provide LTE service for Gemany carries Telekom and it’s named "LTE Speedport". The LTE Speedport B390s-2 is from the manufacturer Huawei. The classic appearance in black case is an LTE modem router with WLAN. Below is the specification and general review of HUAWEI B390s-2.

Features and characteristics of the Telekom LTE Speed Port

Manufacturer and type designation

Huawei B390s-2

Download speed

Up to 50 Mbit/s

Upload speed

up to 10 Mbit/s

Supported LTE bands:

LTE Band 20 (800MHz)

MIMO Support:

MIMO 2x2

Connector for external antenna

Yes, 2 SMA female


LTE Category 3 (3GPP Release 8) modem


With integrated telephone system


Port for ISDN phones


Connection for analog phones




integrator answering machine


Networking | LAN & WLAN

LAN ports

4 LAN ports (RJ45)

WLAN standards

Wi-Fi 802.11b/g for up to 32 users

5 GHz Wi-Fi support






Information material

Various information sheets:

Quick Start Guide (PDF)

User Manual  (PDF)

Detailed data sheet(PDF);

Behind the Speedport LTE, it’s indicated that the model brand HUAWEI and model number B390s-2. The integrated LTE modem (4G) is only capable of the LTE band 20 (800 MHz). The Uplink frequency is 832-862MHz and downlink frequency is 791-821 MHz. The supported bandwidth is 10 MHz. So the router is uniquely determined only for rural use. The chipset "HiSilicon Hi6910" was installed.     Telephone:   Unfortunately, the router does not have a PBX. For Germany Telekom, this feature may be a disadvantage. Because in LTE tariff "Call & Surf via Funk "is an analog telephone port (optional ISDN) including fast network speed. So you need no additional hardware. LAN & WLAN:   For the construction of the home network, 4 LAN ports can be used at the LTE speed port B390s-2. If you prefer to connect wirelessly, user can rely on the WLAN standards IEEE 802.11 b/g, which allows up to 54 Mbit/s data transfer rate. The latest "N" standard is unfortunately not supported, nor as 5 GHz Wi-Fi. This should hopefully be supported with the upgraded model. The HUAWEI B593u-12 provides as significantly Higher speed to 100Mbps. And the encryption method can be chosen between WEP, WPA and WPA2 as usual.   Extra information:   The Telekom Speedport LTE is almost half as much as the technical, virtually identical to Vodafone B1000 4G Router. The weight is only 424 grams instead of 900 grams. The dimensions of the router are 195 x 169 x 64 mm (width x height x depth). Anyhow, it’s a reliable wireless router for building a home or office network.


HUAWEI E5372 TDD/FDD 4G LTE Category 4 Mobile Router

HUAWEI Had released a new Mobile WiFi LTE Category 4 (LTE Cat4) E5372, 2x2 WiFi and supports standard operation in the 5GHz band. Measuring just 99mm x 62.2 mm x 14.4 mm, HUAWEI E5372 Mobile WiFi device is LTE Cat4 smallest and lightest in the world.




Provide full speed LTE data network to 150Mbps and with rechargeable battery up to 6 hours working time, HUAWEI E5372 can support 11 simultaneous connections to WiFi devices to access the LTE network.       "New Equipment HUAWEI E5372 reaffirms Huawei's position as a pioneer in the global LTE industry and added to the list of world-class products an LTE mobile WiFi device Cat4 smallest" - he Wu Shimin, President of Mobile Broadband Product Line of Huawei Device said.



Weighs 130g, HUAWEI E5372 MiFi is really easy to use anytime, anywhere, helps transmit video data faster and simultaneous connections to 11 users, with coverage extended to 100m. E5372 saves costs with data network offload features can be automatically transferred to a secure WiFi connection as soon as possible. This device is also equipped with 2 external antenna interface helps users enhance the radio experience even in weak signal areas.   With Mobile Control 2.0 features updated E5372, you can control, access, use and change settings remotely via optional handset or tablet. The device also features SMS integration and sharing of security (secure digital - SD) to help users share files images, text, music and video from SD card via WiFi connection.



Conversion time less than 5 seconds and use a powerful 1780mAh battery, HUAWEI E5372 advanced mobile capabilities to operate independently and you can even use repeatedly in the absence of power. To ensure your mobile device is always with power, E5372 is also equipped with battery backup and charging, allowing you to recharge the handset or tablet when you move.       With the ability to optimize energy technologies Collaborative Power Control (CPC), discontinuous Connected Reception (CDRX), and Average Power Tracking (APT), MiFi E5372 helps reduce energy consumption by 30%.  



HUAWEI E5372 device is white and will be published in the Italian market and Saudi Arabia this month. The other markets will have the presence of this product later. To check more mobile hotspot, welcome to land  


ZTE MF28B Rogers LTE Rocket Hub VS ZTE MF28G 4G LTE Router

As one of the main 4G LTE telecommunication equipment vendor, ZTE has presented many 4G LTE router to public, and most of them are already for operators' contract plan. Unlike Huawei B593 4G LTE CPE many modification models, each of ZTE 4G LTE routers has specific modem name, even though they look almost same in appearance.      


ZTE 4G LTE routers are designed in same appearance model, but they are not completely the same in some aspects.  Today, we will have a review of the difference between ZTE MF28B and MF28G 4G LTE Router.  



Network Bands  


Most of the routers with appearance differ on the network bands. They are for different operators. ZTE MF28B Router is for Canadian operator Rogers, and it's also called Rogers LTE Rocket Hub, but MF28B Hub could support single LTE band 7 (2600MHz), 3G HSPA (850/1900MHz) network is backward. As we can, it mainly for 3G network in North America.    



ZTE MF28G LTE Router is more powerful, it supports LTE dual-mode (TDD & FDD), it could support 4G TDD band 38 & band 40 (2300/2600MHz) and FDD band 7 & band 20 (800/2600). And ZTE MF28G supports 3G UMTS 900/2100MHz. ZTE MF880 4G LTE USB dongle could support these bands.   So unlocked ZTE MF28G could work with more 4G operators and in some countries, MF28G could replace MF28B.    



Data Rate Speed    


ZTE MF28B and MF28G could both reach peak downlink speed up to 100Mbps and uplink speed to 50Mbps on 4G FDD network. Simultaneously, MF28G could reach peak downlink up to 68Mbps and uplink speed to 17Mbps when working on TDD networks.  






There are some adjustments in the bodies of the two ZTE LTE routers. MF28B has only 4 Ethernet ports (RJ45) while MF28G has 4 Ethernet. Ports, 2 RJ11 ports for telephone, and one USB 2.0 host port. So MF28G could support telephone and SD files sharing, but MF28B cannot.    




Sometimes, the logo on the router may vary according to operators. And the firmware may also be customized for operators. As we can see, the Rogers LTE Hub ZTE MF28B has Rogers’s logo on it and the forms are version is also with Rogers logo.      



Other features of the routers are almost the same, to conclude, Unlocked ZTE MF28G is powerful when roaming globally. In certain countries, MF28B may be reliable on 3G networks.