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Three Huawei B183 Webcube Home Broadband General Review

The UK’s operator Three had recently released two new broadband routers for home, the model numbers are HUAWEI B183 and HUAWEI B153. They are fixed line broadband and is the perfect companion for Students who need a broadband connection in there diggs, and the most important feature is (you don't need a landline to use it) just plug into your mains and Three will do the rest.


Today, let’s have a review what’s the features of the Webcube White HUAWEI B183 home broadband Router and what it can do for us.


Webcube HUAWEI B183 is in a very classic design, looks like an hour glass, but has a sudden glance; you may think it’s a humidifier. In simple white, the cube shape is very attractive, different any other home router, which make it looks more like a home white goods, not just a network router.


On the top side, there is signal strength indicator, if it’s not working, you may not be able to see it. And with the single strength indicator, you will see the Power and WPS button. And there is logo on this face, sometime it’s “3”. provider unlocked HUAWEI B183 with HUAWEI logo, no contract and no limit. The top cover could be departed from the below part, at the side of the top cover, there is external antenna port and reset button covered by a slip.


Another side of the top cover, USIM card slot and network indicators are also configured. What’s more, there is USB port around, which is for test purposes only, not for users. So for most of the users who had get it first, they may don’t know how to use, where to plug SIM card, where to power it on. From above image, you will find details part of HUAWEI B183. Now it’s easy to operate to connect network.

HSPA+ Technology

HUAWEI B183 Home Broadband from Three with the latest HSPA+ offering up to 21.1Mbps download and up to 2 -5Mbps uploads, but you can expect to receive download speeds in excess of 10Mbps which without a landline is exceptionally good. This is also an exceptional deal for renters too who only wish to use the internet occasionally or are moderate users, also great for customers in rural areas of the UK where accessing the internet is hard to acquire.


Entry Level Broadband


The B183 Webcube offers up to 5 different connections at the same time enabling other family members to be online simultaneously, with a good wireless range extended up to 30 meters away from the cube and you still get a perfect signal anywhere around your home.  

Go Anywhere Broadband


The great thing with the Webcube B183 is how easy it is to carry to a friend’s home and set up in next to no time so you can share a connection with them, when you receive your B183 Webcube from Three you have a (pre-defined SSID and Network Key) that only belongs to you, in the box you will have your password and info to input, then you are able to use your new Webcube for the first time.  


You may ask there is HUAWEI B153, what is it? Actually, HUAWEI Webcube B153 has almost the same appearance and size of HUAWEI B183. The main difference between HUAWEI B183 and HUAWEI B153 is that B153 supports HSDPA 7.2Mbps while B183 support peak HSPA+ 21Mbps download speed. So if to get better network link, HUAWEI B183 is a good option, but if HSDPA 7.2Mbps can meet your requirement, HUAWEI B153 is a cost budget one for home router.  



Around the end of 2012, HUAWEI released two new 3G HSPA+ Mobile WiFi Hotspot, someone may ask, why not 4G LTE HUAWEI E5776 or HUAWEI E589? Yes, the two 4G LTE Pocket WiFi are definitely hot with fast development of 4G networks.   Today, we will not talk about the 4G mobile hotspot because for most of users, the 4G Gadgets are in high price range; they cost too much to enjoy something new. Only technology geeks are trying to follow new products. We choose HUAWEI E5756 and HUAWEI E5151 as our today’s topic because there is something special with the two models. HUAWEI E5756 VS HUAWEI E5151 First, let’s look at HUAWEI E5756 42Mbps Mobile WiFi Hotspot. It’s like its predecessor HUAWEI E587, E586, E560, has the functions as E5, but supports 10 users to share WiFi network. With USB cable, one more device could access internet. And its peak speed reach up to 42Mbps under Dual cell HSPA+ technology. These features looks much like HUAWEI E587 42Mbps Mobile Hotspot, but HUAWEI E5756 have some special features such as it would work as a mobile power bank, which incorporates battery capacity of lasting 10 hours online usage. And it could output power to many devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android tablets or Smart phones. In case, if you are lucky to get HUAWEI E5756, you will get gadget with power bank and 3G WiFi router functions 2 in 1. What amazing! HUAWEI E5756 Application at a meeting By the way, we found HUAWEI E5756 could support IPV 6, which are not compatible with by most existed network devices. So with this powerful function and practical application functions, HUAWEI E5756 would be HUAWEI new flagship model in near future. HUAWEI E5756 Applicaton at airport Then let’s look at HUAWEI E5151 WAN LAN 3G WiFi Router, it has the basic function as 3G Pocket WiFi to supports 5 users to access internet, keeping working at 4 to 5 hours with changeable battery. Peak download speed via 3G is 21Mbps. The main difference and also its key features is that there is a Ethernet port at the side this device, which means, if you are outdoors, you could take it around to let it work as a portable router; when you back home or in office, it could get connected with the Ethernet cable, then it becomes a stationary router to offer wireless signal. HUAWEI E5151 is the best partner for businessmen   With Ethernet cable, HUAWEI E5151 could support peak download speed at 100Mbps. If you are abroad for business trip, it would be better to take this one, because you don’t need to find the shop to buy SIM card, if there is Ethernet cable for network, your multiple electronics could share network simultaneously. HUAWEI E5151 Application at a hotel to connect Ethernet cable They are both in simple design and easy operation, and released for different application, but they are user friendly. Customer could choose the preferred one and enjoy the easy experience of surfing internet. In our opinion, if you have many electronics or gadgets demanding continuous power supply, it’s better to take HUAWEI E5756 Mobile Power Bank Router, but if you are a businessman who usually goes to different countries or areas, it’s better to take HUAWEI E5151 WAN LAN WiFi Router.   If you want to know more option for mobile WiFi hotspot, please visit: .


How Can We Benefit from 4G LTE Network?

Firstly, LTE provides average download (30 Megabits) and peak (100 Megabits) speeds, which are much higher than the current ones. Also, a substantial increase in the speed of ascent (50 Megabits), so important especially for customers of the business segments, and for all information related to the use of cloud computing.

And let us not forget that it also means lower latencies (35 m/sec) network, which is essential for new services (network games, enterprise applications...) lte speed evolution

Frequency bands It is important to know about which bands will be operated. The first, 2600 Mhz is intended for coverage in areas of high population density, it has less penetration indoors, but acquired bandwidth will provide maximum speeds (surpassing the 100 Mbps of download).

The second, acquired band is located on 800 Mhz, frequency that will allow much better penetration indoors and cover larger surfaces, so it will probably go to coverage in rural areas. The size of the band acquired will allow a maximum speed offered by less than 50 Mbps service. The availability to radiate this band probably has to wait until 2015.

The first LTE device on the market

To access services over LTE, operator had selected the modem Huawei E589 (also named HUAWEI E589u-12), which is also compatible with the current network 3G. huawei E589 SPECS New services and applications of 4G LTE

1. The explosion of 'the cloud'

Cloud storage: for work or make back-ups at the same speed as if it were on your local disk. Documents, videos, music... shared or for personal use, with the information always accessible from anywhere and type of connection. Applications in the cloud: high speed and low latency of the LTE connections make reality the concept of working in the cloud, allowing working with applications resident in the 'cloud' as if they were on your own computer.

2. HD videoconferencing

Real-time chat via video conference with the highest quality, without delays and latencies. It is necessary to have the appropriate devices: HD cameras and the application, , to start enjoying it on the LTE connection. In addition to the enormous contribution of this type of services for private clients by putting them in a communication and closeness with family and friends, these services are important facilitators for professional offering speed and economy on the needs of coordination at a distance, by incorporating a quality and naturalness that almost replaces the "face-to-face" meetings.

3 eHealth

Services as "Side by Side" Telephone based on the LTE network, allow the patient to stay in quiet surroundings and without offsets, while kept in communication and being cared for by specialists. The LTE connection allowed, in real time, numerous diagnostic or control tests made in his house and instantly send information about their State of health at the Medical Center for its monitoring: high quality images in real time, result control of sugar or stress tests, talk to a doctor with video conferencing high definition, etc.

4 e-Gamming

It is no longer needed at home game or the game console. The high speed offered by LTE along with low latency makes this technology very attractive to enjoy the online games. It binds to the new dynamics of game servers in network, free to customers of the need to have video consoles and games, entering mode subscription to these services in the cloud.

5. Services in high definition TV and 3D Videos

In the LTE environment, TV and video services reaches its greatest exponent. The powerful low latencies and bandwidth allow video club services, video streaming and high-definition and 3D TV broadcasting develop their potential to the maximum.

6 Immersive Communications

This category refers to completely virtual Telephone services. Solutions that facilitating labor mobility, management of meetings among multi-country teams, with a realism that contributes to the good results and good relations between persons of the team. This solution, completely virtual, allows you to delegate the management of the application in order to work with it from any computer in the network: laptop, tablet, from any place where a high performance network, such as the LTE network is available.

LTE online vedio meeting with high quality but without latency

We hope that all these details serve for you to hereafter, when the term 4G or LTE will begin to be extensively mentioned, have a much clearer vision of this new step in mobile communications.