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Huawei E3276 4G LTE Category 4 TDD FDD USB Surfstick

The Chinese manufacturer Huawei bring E3276 as a first internet surf stick on the market that supports the LTE category 4. With the support of modern LTE category 4, theoretically better performance can be achieved. Let’s have a look which functions the device could support and whether the purchase is worth.



LTE features and technical characteristics of HUAWEI E3276

Manufacturer and type designation: Huawei E3276

Download to rate: 150 Mbit/s

Upload to rate: 50 Mbit/s

supported LTE bands: LTE800; LTE900; LTE1800; LTE2100; LTE 2600

backward compatible with:: DC-HSPA +, UMTS, GSM frequencies (850, 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz)

MIMO Support: MIMO 2x2

Connector for external antenna: yes, 2 antenna sockets type CRC-9 available

LTE category:  LTE modem, the Category 4 (3GPP Release 9) 


Chipset:HiSilicon Hi6920


Dimensions (LxWxH): 92 mm x 32 mm x 14 mm, 30 grams

USB standard: USB 2.0

Memory card expansion: Yes, MicroSD up to 32 GB

Compatible Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS (10.4)



Features at a glance  


In addition to extremely fast speeds, the Huawei E3276 offers almost everything that a surf stick can be: For worldwide use, all five LTE frequencies are supported; you can also surf on three UMTS and quad-band GSM frequencies on the Internet. If you want to improve reception, higher signal can be achieved through an external antenna (TS-9). The huawei E3276 has specially integrated two sockets of type TS-9 connector.



The HUAWEI E3276 dominated at all the new LTE Surfstick of category 4. All previous devices have always been designed to meet the Category 3rd Concretely. Category 4 means that the LTE network even up to 150 megabits download are theoretically possible (instead of 100 Mbps), the upload up to 50 Mbit/s.  The next category would be the 5th Hardware of this class, up to 300 Mbps download rate would support. Incidentally, even in the UMTS network, the Huawei E3276 offers almost LTE speed - up to 84.4 Mbit/s are possible in accordance with developed networks. Technically, the Huawei stick is therefore the most modern and fast stick, which you can currently available on .    



Despite the current relatively high price may be a big concern, the Huawei E3276 is fully recommend. Huawei E3276 incorporates better technology than any other surf stick and thus the model is extremely future-proof. What’s more, it consumes less heat other LTE sticks with technology improvement for the E3276. As an alternative, we offer the Huawei E398  which is the direct predecessor to the E3276. Or the HUAWEI E392 , also made by Huawei.      


HUAWEI E3276 4G LTE Category 4 USB Surfstick Review

Today, we get the demo of Huawei E3276 4G LTE cat4 USB Surfstick. If we say 2012 is the beginning year of 4G LTE, 2013 should be the beginning of 4G LTE Category 4. LTE Category 4 develops from 4G LTE (also called LTE Category 3) and is more efficiency in data transmission. It could support 50% faster speed than 4G LTE Category 3 with peak download speed up to 150Mbps on FDD network. What amazing speed!  



The Huawei E3276 Cat4 LTE modem is the successor of Huawei E398 and E397, which are LTE category 3 USB modems. Huawei E3276 has been presented to public by many 4G operators all over the world. The Huawei E3276 we get is in white color, no operators' logo. It's in Huawei logo without original package box.


HUAWEI E3276    


The total design of Huawei E3276 is very cool, in vertical direction; it looks like a burning fire. On the front of Huawei E3276, there is Huawei Logo and beside logo, there is a LED indicator to tell users the connection status.




Just like Huawei E398, the Huawei E3276 is also in rotatable USB design, the difference between them is the there is a cap to stuck the USB for E3276, press the button, the USB could auto eject, so it's somewhat like the USB design of Huawei E397, but Huawei E398 doesn't have this feature.




The USB could be rotated to 2D total 180 degrees. It’s a user friendly design because it will save much space when connecting this dongle to PC, and it would help to get better signal strength.  




On the back of Huawei E3276, there is a stick, on which, we could see the model number Huawei E3276, Certificate information and place of origin.




At the below side of Huawei E3276, we could see the MicroSD card slot covers by a plastic cap. Open it, we can see there is a external antenna connector with the slot. And the other connector for pigtail is at another hole.




Push the back over towards to the direction to USB, the back cover could be removed from the body, and then the inner part could be seen. The Module of inner part is in plastic material, there is SIM card slot in the module. Above the module, there is the model nuber, IMEI number of Huawei E3276, and the S/N number. The model number is HUAWEI E3276s-150.




We get the information that HUAWEI E3276s-150 support 4G LTE FDD 800/2600MHz and 3G UMTS 900/1900/2100MHz with 2G GSM qual band 850/900/1800/1900MHz backward. And it has its partner model HUAWEI E3276s-151.  


In conclusion, the design of HUAWEI E3276 is cool and we believe the LTE cat4 dongle would give reliable high speed support for the users. Next time, we will have a test report for HUAWEI E3276 in near future.


What’s the Difference Between HUAWEI E3272 and E3276?

At the MWC, we saw the new 4G LTE cat4 USB Stick Huawei E3272. At the first glance of the LTE cat4 modem, it reminds us the Huawei E3276, the world's first LTE cat4 4G Surfstick. Since they both support 4G LTE cat4, here comes a question: what's the difference between them?  


Huawei E3276 is an elder model which was released at the beginning of 2012. Here now, there are various sub-models available for many operators. The model Huawei E3276s-151 is the most popular model. Huawei E3272 comes out on MWC 2013.      


The first difference between Huawei E3276 and E3272 is chipset platform, Huawei researched how own brand chipset Hisilicon, before that, Huawei always use Qualcomm 4G chipset, which arise the cost of Huawei 4G modems. Now with Huawei chipset, we suppose the price of its 4G modem would be much cheaper than before and acceptable for most users.


As the same feature of Huawei E3276, Huawei E3272 also supports 4G FDD and TDD networks. In the sub-models, they may support only TDD or FDD network, or together. Under TDD network, the peak download speed up to 112Mbps while upload peak speed is 10Mbps. With FDD network, the speed may reach 150Mbps for downlink and 50Mbps for uplink. The difference lies on the 2G network.        


Huawei E3272 could not only support TDD/FDD/UMTS/GSM/GPRS, it could also support the American standard EVDO. So Huawei E3272 would be most likely to be available for American operators.

In addition to the appearance, Huawei E3272 LTE cat4 USB modem has a unique feature: HiLink technology. In Huawei 3G USB stick, this technology has been commonly used. It's a user friendly system for modem application. No Driver installation, after the modem plug to PC, it would automatically connects in 15 seconds. Huawei use this technology in 4G USB modems, which makes Huawei E3272 more attractive, especially for the users who are bored about setup or configure the parameter. With simple operation, Huawei E3272 would response quick and get connected. Huawei E3272 should be the first 4G dongle with HiLink technology.  


In conclusion, Huawei E3272 improves many functions and should performance much better than Huawei E3276. But whether Huawei chipset Hisilicon would be reliable, time will tell.