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Huawei E398S-81 4G LTE FDD TDD USB Surfstick Review

Comparing with Huawei E398 other branch models, such as Huawei E398u-1, E398u-18 and E398u-15, Huawei E398s-81 should be a special one, it's not because Huawei E398s-81 has different appearance as other models, it's due to Huawei E398s-81 supports the TDD & FDD LTE band simultaneously, which covers the 4G LTE TDD 2300/2600MHz and FDD 2600MHz.  


As the one of the most frequency bands for TDD, band 38 (2600MHz) and band 40 (2300Mhz) are invested by many operators who are planning or already launched TDD networks.     Today, we get the Huawei E398s-81 4G LTE TDD FDD Surf stick with HUAWEI logo on it. It seems that it’s SIM card free and unlocked to any operators. Usually, if there is an operator’s logo on HUAWEI E398 modem, it may be a locked one, but the modem could be unlocked by some methods.


From the appearance, we could see that HUAWEI E398s-81 is just like other E398 branch models, with the rotatable USB design. There is only HUAWEI 4G on the USB. No other logo was printed on the back.    


As previously mentioned, Huawei E398s-81 could support the LTE bands/Spectrum above: 4G LTE FDD 2600MHz and TDD 2300/2600MHz. This should be the most important difference between HUAWEI E398u-1, E398u-15 and E398u-18.




With same appearance of E398u-11 and E398u-15, Huawei E398s-81 has two external antenna connectors beside the two sides of Micro SD slot. If user wants to use data card with MIMO technology, HUAWEI E398s-81 is a good option optional. Here now, only few models of 4G LTE USB Surfstick are available on the market for both TDD and FDD networks. HUAWEI E398s-81 should be a good one based on HUAWEI prestige.




Unlike other E398 Modems, Huawei E398s-81 could not work with 3G UMTS network or 2G GSM/GPRS network. So Huawei E398S-81 could only work on 4G LTE networks. If 4G networks are not available in certain place, HUAWEI E398s-81 can’t work. So users may consider this before they buy it.  


As the brother model, Huawei E392 4G FDD TDD multi-mode data card also has one similar model, the model number is Huawei E392u-92. HUAWEI E392u-92 supports 4G TDD 2300/2600 Mhz, but HUAWEI E392u-92 can’t support 4G FDD networks.   If you want know more details of them, welcome to buy it from .    


Why HUAWEI E398u-11 4G LTE FDD USB modem is Hot?

Here now, many customers are looking for Huawei E398 4G LTE FDD USB modem, the accurate model number is Huawei E398u-11. However, due to the supply shortage, many customers have to wait for the new stock arrival, and they would never will to change other similar modems. Then someone may ask: why Huawei E398u-11 is hot in the market?  



Usually, the frequency band that a 4G USB modem could support is important for user to choose and decide whether it is appropriate for specific areas or countries. Let's have a look at the frequency band that Huawei E398u-11could support, it works with 4G LTE FDD 1800/2100/2600 MHz.  




The FDD band 2600 MHz is the common band for FDD, and band 1800MHz is the most popular band, so there are many 4G USB dongle could support them. They are not the focus from customer, then the Band 2100MHz is the focus from customer, because comparing with the previous two bands, few modems are available on the market to support this band.  




Another factor is also important for users: the external antenna connector. And there should be two antenna connectors available in the modem. Actually, Huawei E398u-18 also support band 2100 MHz, but most customers don't change to E398u-18 because there is only one external antenna connector. The single pigtail can't finish the task for MIMO connection.




The third factor is that Huawei brand. As the most professional vendor for USB modem, Huawei is always the most trustful brand not only for 3G USB dongle, but also on 4G LTE Surfstick.  




Now that Huawei E398u-11 is in shortage, which 4G modem would be alternative foe replacement? Below are the some models for consideration:    


Huawei E392u-6:

- 4G LTE bands: FDD 2600/2100/1800/900Mhz

- 3G UMTS: 900/2100Mhz

- Two external antenna connector    


Sierra Wireless AirCard 320u:

- LTE 1800/2600 MHz

- WCDMA 850/900/2100 MHz

- Two external antenna connector  


ZTE MF820:

- LTE-FDD 1800/2100/2600Mhz

- 3G UMTS 900/2100Mhz

- No external antenna connector  


So if you can’t wait and urgent for project, the above three models could be taken into consideration or replacement.    


HUAWEI E397u-53 4G LTE FDD USB Modem Review

As one of the first group of 4G LTE USB Modem, Huawei E397 LTE FDD USB modem is not as popular as Huawei E398 or E392, perhaps because Huawei E397 supports the 4G frequency bands which are not commonly deployed by the operators.


Just like Huawei E398 4G LTE TDD FDD USB modem, there are also many variants for Huawei E397 4G USB modem, such as HUAWEI E397u-56, E397Bu-7, E397Bu-501, E397u-53 etc... Today, we get the Huawei E397 4G LTE modem in "Cricket" logo, it was customized by the operator cricket, but it's already unlocked and SIM card free.  




In the original box, the Huawei E397 looks cool. After open the box, we can see the Huawei E397 in compact design. In the back stick, the information indicates that this is the variant model Huawei E397u-53. And we can see the IMEI number of Huawei E397, code and made in China.




The USB of E397u-53 is in the body of the dongle, there is a movable button to cap it, users need to pull the button out and the USB would automatically flick out. The USB could rotate around 180 degrees. On the other side of the body, we can see the body logo "Cricket".  




At the side of the body, there is one hole for external antenna, one plastic cap covers the hole, user need to use finger to open it. At the other side, it's the SIM card slot. So in this model Huawei E397u-53, there is only one external antenna connector for pigtail.


Per the information on the Internet, Huawei E397u-53 could support 4G LTE band 13(700MHz) and Band 20(800mMHz). So the HUAWEI E397u-53 would be more possibly usable in North America because the band 700 is the most common 4G Frequency in North America, especially in USA. What’s more, E397u-53 also supports 3G HSPA+ network 850/1900/2100MHz, which is for American bands.  


The HUAWEI E397u-53 could also support extended 32GB Micro SD memory card, like other HUAWEI 4G USB Modem, it’s compatible with the usual operation system, Windows and Mac. If you want it to work with Linux, there must drive upgrade.   If you want to buy HUAWIE E397 4G LTE USB Modem, welcome to shop from .